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Geothermal power is a cost effective, reliable, sustainable, and energy efficient choice for cooling and heating. Geothermal heating and cooling utilizes the natural heat stored in the earth.  Geothermal technology has a long history and a proven track record for durability.  The ground loop has been the primary method for using Geothermal but new technology is always developing.

If you are looking to save money on your energy costs, Geothermal heating can save as mush 80% compared to traditional energy sources and it also uses significantly less electricity than standard heating systems. Since Geothermal heating uses heat from the earth, it is renewable and efficient.

Geothermal energy is 75% more efficient than oil furnaces and 48% more efficient than gas furnaces.  Given its significantly low levels of atmospheric pollutants and greenhouse gases it is a highly ecologically acceptable solution.

Also, energy tax credits may be available in your state. For all of your questions regarding Geothermal energy, please contact us through email or please call us at 301-244-9ECO (9326) for more information.

All inclusive Geothermal Services such as:
  • Geothermal Cooling and Heating System Installation
  • Geothermal Consulting and Analysis
  • Pre-design consulting and guidance
  • Test borings
  • Thermal conductivity testing
  • Spec analysis

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